Anger Management Link


Do you find yourself regretting being angry during past conflicts?
Are your angry outbursts increasing in frequency and intensity?
Have you been told that your anger is preventing you from getting what you want?
Do you suffer from ‘kick the dog’ syndrome?
Has someone close to you told that you are always angry or angry too much?
Are you irritable, frustrated, or in a bad mood so often that people treat you like they are afraid of you?


Coaching and/or counseling provided during individual, group, and couples (as appropriate) sessions.  Those dealing with issues of interpersonal or domestic violence may be provided services under specific and limited conditions.


Sessions are individually designed to help you achieve your goal of learning to deal with your anger appropriately and productively without being abusive.  Strengthen known and learn new SKILLS to achieve effective expression of ALL emotions.  Cognitive, behavioral, and supportive strategies are used as appropriate.

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