Dick Kessler PhDDick has studied and received training in a wide range of counseling, coaching, and therapy methods throughout the course of his career.  He has personally experienced many of these psychotherapy or counseling approaches as a patient or client in order to acquire a sense of what a specific method actually feels like to his clients.  This didactic and experiential approach to his career development has also given Dick a sense of the effectiveness of a particular counseling method or approach.

Dick’s preferred method of counseling uses cognitive behavioral procedures and theory while drawing from whatever other methods/approaches best increase the effectiveness of his client’s counseling experience.  This results in an eclectic or varied approach that is structured and tailored to the needs of each client based on feedback from the client and joint observations made during the course of counseling.  Dick believes that this approach is respectful of his clients and maximizes his clients’ understanding of the process of counseling that they are experiencing. Dick maintains affiliations with the following professional organizations on the national and local level:

American Psychological Association
American Counseling Assocation
American Group Psychotherapy Association
New Jersey Psychological Association
New Jersey Counseling Association
APA Psychotherapy Division
APA Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity
APA Division of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy 
Association for Specialists in Group Work